Wednesday, July 27, 2016

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “5 Free Punctuation Worksheets”

by Stacey Lloyd
6th - 9th Grade

Before they get to high school, students need to be able to identify and correct errors in punctuation. These five worksheets will help your students practice this skill in a fun and engaging way. All worksheets come with detailed answer keys. 

*PLEASE NOTE: These worksheets are intended for practicing purposes. They do not explain the functions of the different types of punctuation. Students will need to have prior knowledge before attempting these worksheets.*


Punctuating Direct & Indirect Speech: This worksheet requires students to examine a little cartoon and then transcribe the spoken words of the cartoon in both the direct and indirect forms. 

Understanding Comma Splices: This worksheet guides students through the definition of a comma splice, with examples. The activity requires them to identify whether the sentences are correctly punctuated or if there are comma splices.

Using the Apostrophe: This worksheet contains examples of apostrophe errors in advertising. Students have to identify the errors and correct them, but they are also required to go one step further and explain the corrections. 

Using Commas Correctly: This worksheet contains various sentences which contain commas – some correctly punctuated, others incorrectly punctuated. Students have to identify whether the commas are used correctly or not, and then go further to explain why or why not. 

Using Colons and Semicolons: This worksheet contains 2 exercises: in the first, students have to fill in the missing colons and semicolons; in the second, students have to identify the correctly punctuated sentences (multiple choice). 


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