Saturday, August 20, 2016

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Scientific Method: Independent and Dependent Variables and Control Groups”

by The Science Vault
6th - 9th Grade

This Powerpoint offers twelve different scenarios for students to practice identifying the independent and dependent variables. Students are also asked to name a possible control group and the experimental group in several of the slides as well. The scenarios are "real life" type problem statements such as "Walking 10,000 steps a day will lower your blood pressure" or "Exercise cuts the risk of colds."

The Powerpoint is colorful with clip art on every slide - suitable as a review, as guided or independent practice, as a quiz, or broken up as a great bell-ringer, one page per day.

All of my Powerpoints take advantage of the "animations" feature to avoid the "head-down-madly-copying" syndrome that Powerpoints can sometimes cause. With animations, you can control the flow of information better - and that keeps class discussions more lively and student engagement high.

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