Saturday, October 31, 2020


by Mme R's French Resources
6th - 9th Grade

Need a FUN, FREE way to practice food vocabulary in French class? Kids love this, because they get to get up and move!

This set of 40 questions is perfect for beginners who need more practice with food vocabulary, -er verbs, preferences, and full sentence responses.

Questions are basic for French 1 or 2, but there are suggestions for advanced learners in first or second year classes on how to make it more difficult! With 40 questions, you can easily choose the questions that best match your curriculum and your students' ability.

It is full of cognates to help your students effortlessly expand their vocabulary and is geared to help students master the following concepts and structures:

* food vocabulary

* -er verbs

* Est-ce que and inversion

* responding negatively and positively

* discussing frequency (souvent, de temps en temps, rarement)

* discussing preferences

* question words quand, que, où, quel/quelle

* listening for cognates and using context clues to determine unknown words

* reading and pronouncing the questions correctly

* understanding spoken French

* the verb boire used with aimer (Est-ce que tu aimes boire...)

Each page contains 4 questions, each inside a decorative border. There are 40 questions using a variety of expressions and vocabulary used in most French 1 textbooks.

You can use these as timed speaking prompts, an around the world activity, journal entries, bell ringers, exit tickets and much more.

See the thumbnails for sample questions.

Your students will love it, and you will love hearing all of their voices speaking in French!


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