Sunday, January 16, 2022

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Free Valentine Compliment Cards Rebus Words Figurative Language preview product”

by SK Designs
2nd - 5th Grade

Use these compliment gift/credit card sized Valentines from the full set of 48 Valentines available at SK Designs to show appreciation to your students and build their confidence and self-esteem with specific and authentic praise! Each card contains a special message of affirmation that includes rebus words and/or figurative language!

This product includes:

3 different full-color compliment credit gift cards decorated with cute Valentine clip art

matching full-color gift card envelopes

matching stickers for envelopes

The cards are designed to be cut out and given to students to celebrate their individual gifts during this special season of appreciation and love! Print the cards on card stock and/or laminate them to add to the gift/credit card theme. Students will treasure the cards as reminders of their special gifts and talents, and they will be able to refer to the cards whenever they need a compliment or smile! The cards are single-sided so a personal note and/or signature may be added to the reverse side of the card.

If you are interested in more Valentine cards or Valentine styles, check out the full products at SK Designs on TeachersPayTeachers!

SK Designs’ favorite products are products that encourage students and spread kindness! Enjoy this product and spread smiles in your classroom!

Other SK Designs products designed to promote kindness, character, and positive mind sets include:

48 Valentine Compliment Cards 1

48 Valentine Compliment Cards 2

Happy to Be Me

Kindness Counts

Character Counts Bundle

Our Class Loves ___ Because

Thank you for previewing our products. We wish you and your students the very best!

Be inspired,

SK Designs



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Friday, January 14, 2022

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Owl Love You Forever { FREEBIE }”

by victoria moore
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

This 8 page freebie is just a fun gift for my friends and followers. I hope you enjoy using it with your students. For more fun ideas be sure to visit my blog - link is on my store home page.
Included are:
*cover/credit pages
*color by sight word
*ten frame cupid counting
*owl love you forever writing ( one with space for picture, one without )
*candy heart estimation page
*sweet syllable page
Enjoy! Please leave feedback as a thank you ~ I appreciate you taking the time to visit my store! :0D
~ Vicky

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Thursday, January 13, 2022

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Comprehension Activity: Nonfiction Reading and Writing Analysis”

by Connie
6th - 12th Grade

Although all Middle School and High School programs of study require core whole-class nonfiction readings, as often as possible, students should choose nonfiction informational reading that hooks their personal interest.

The kids will be more inclined to want to read a topic of their choice (ownership) which will lead to the desire to express their thoughts and interpretations clearly and coherently. Their reading and writing proficiencies will blossom and solidify. This is a win-win teaching/learning idea for teachers and students.

This FREE 8-page product offers:
1. Almost 2-pages of Teacher Notes and teaching suggestions.
2. A Student Directions page that lists Types of Articles as well as Types of Newspapers, Magazines, Online article sources and Texts.
3. A detailed analysis worksheet for note-taking
4. A Ten Sentence format page so students can write a summary of the article using information from their notes, and
5. A format for students to expand their writing proficiency by turning a summary into a full-length essay.

This FREE Common Core and Bloom's Taxonomy aligned activity should be used with any core nonfiction reading as well as for raising reading comprehension thinking and writing skills proficiencies.

For a product that coordinates well with this one, here is a packet that focuses on the parts of essay writing, so when it is time for students to write an expository piece they are prepared to create a focused and supported composition. Download it from
Writing: Write Right! Analytic Writing Made Easy

and to go along with that, check out these writing rubrics
Writing: Write Right! Incredible Critique Forms and Rubrics

Enjoy a Teach It Now Day,

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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Wednesday Weekly 5 under $5 - 1/12/2022


Every week I put together a list of 5 great products from members of The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative (TBOTEMC) with the requirement that each product must be less than $5.  With a variety of subjects and a wide range of grades, there just might be something that you can use, so continue to read below and see!

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Math Riddles: Reducing Fractions, Identifying Percents and Equivalent Fractions - $3.00

by Scipi
4th - 6th grades
Fractions, Mental Math, Winter

This math handout has 11 ways to practice recognizing fractional parts, naming equivalent fractions, identifying basic percents (25%, 50%, 75% 100%), and reducing fractions to lowest terms.  It is a fun and engaging way to practice math and keep the students actively involved.  

by Mickey's Place
K - 3rd grades
Grammar, Vocabulary, Winter, Literacy Centers

Winter Contraction Puzzles has two formats to provide a way for students to practice their skills on learning contractions.  The puzzles are differentiated so that you can introduce contraction families as taught in your classroom.  Assessments are included. 

Show Don't Tell Creative Writing Worksheets | Print | Digital | Easel - $4.00

by Charlene Tess
9th - 12th grades
English Language Arts, Creative Writing

One of the most important techniques a writer can master is learning to SHOW action rather than TELL the reader about it. This lesson presents 5 easy ways to show rather than tell and provides students with exercises to practice what they have learned.

Syllables: A Better Way - $1.49

by Reading Spotlight
2nd - 4th grades
Spelling, EFL - ESL - ELD, Phonics

No rules syllabication! Make it simple for beginning and struggling readers to decode 2, 3, and 4 syllable words by helping them recognize common English clusters in longer words. They do NOT need to learn complicated rules. 

How to Apply for a Job Boom Cards for Grades 9-12, SPED and Homeschool - $2.25

By History at Home
9th - 12th grades
Special Education, Career and Technical Education, Life Skills

This Boom Deck of 17 task cards are designed to help high school students learn how to apply for a job. These no-prep task cards work great for any high school student and are perfect for use in SPED classes and for teaching functional life skills. Skills covered include: getting an application, reading job descriptions, filling out an application, information on references, and tips for completing applications.
4 task cards offer a chance to check student's knowledge and understanding. This is a great way for teens to step into the job/work world! Learning how to apply for a job is an important skill for our high school students.

As always, I encourage comments and any ideas or suggestions by emailing me at

Renee Heiss

All-American Teacher Tools
Check out my Store

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Free Valentines Day Long Vowel Silent e u-e game”

by 180 Days of Reading
1st - 3rd Grade

Valentine’s Day game for long vowel silent e pattern u-e

Great for centers, independent work time, interventions, and small groups! The Read and Write the Room works really well for those early finishers.

Grab the Whole Valentine's Day Bundle HERE

This is card game. Print and laminate or print on cardstock for long-term use, there word cards for words and special cards which include go again, lose a turn, and give a card to a friend.

To Play: Players will take turns picking a card and reading the word.. If a special card is drawn, follow the directions on the card. (lose a turn, go again, give a card to a friend) The game is over when the cards are gone or when time is up. Winner has the most word cards!

*FREE* Read and Write the Room. Hang 10 word cards around the room. Have students walk around, read the words, and record them on the recording sheet. Your students will love this game!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Graphics: 79 copyright free scripture graphics from 1 John”

by Kathleen Applebee
Pre-Kindergarten - 12th Grade

Free and copyright free! 79 .JPEGS (in a ZIP folder) with scriptures from 1 John in the New Testament of the Bible. These make great graphics for PowerPoint, illustrations, memory verses and other projects. These images are copyright free as long as they are not altered in any manner. Use them as often as you like. Special thanks to Sweet Publications, Rick Woodall and Chris Kish.

Also available as a free downloads – fruit of the spiritautumn and holiday math bump games. Check out free skit packages and card games too.

Find more copyright free scripture photos and royalty free Christian Drama skits at my Fools for Christ website Find free interactive Bible games in my Portaportal.

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