Monday, March 7, 2016

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “PowerPoint: Measurements, Accuracy, Precision, Scientific Notation”

by MsRazz ChemClass
9th - 12th Grade

This is a Power Point presentation that describes measurements in terms of accuracy and precision and expressing numbers in scientific notation. It also describes qualitative versus quantitative observations. I've also included a student note sheet so that you can get a feel for the organization and quality of each lesson in my store. To purchase the full lesson plan including bellwork, student notes, power point, homework, and answer keys please go to:

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Saving YOU money: Lesson plan bundles! SAVE 20% NOW!
Lesson Plan Bundle: Introduction to Chemistry
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To purchase homework worksheets only:
Homework Worksheets w/ Answer Keys!: Introduction to Chemistry!
FREE Homework: Practice with Significant Figures and Calculations

To purchase Power Points only:
Power Point: Introduction to Chemistry
Power Point: Significant Figure Rules: Identifying and Calculations
FREE Measurement Power Point
FREE Scientific Method Power Point
FREE Experimental Variables Power Point

Great labs/activities that reinforce these concepts:
Lab Activity Bundle: Introduction to Chemistry – Safety, and Three Introduction Labs, With teacher prep guide!
Lab: Using Significant Figures to Calculate the Thickness of Al foil
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Lab: Design Your Own Lab - Perfect for NGSS!
Lab: Reviewing Science Skills - Observing, Predicting, Classifying, and Inferring

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