Wednesday, November 2, 2016

FREE MISC. LESSON - “No Print Articulation Flash Cards - R Freebie”

by Speech Therapy Fun with Jennifer Bradley
1st - 4th Grade

Need articulation flash cards that are easy and quick for on the go therapy? Need to get 100 productions in one articulation session without boring your students? Check out this No Print Articulation Flash Card Freebie!

This freebie includes
No Print Articulation Flash Cards - Initial R
Includes 20 different pictures and elicits 100 productions!

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Need even smaller sets of sounds? Here are the individual sets!
P, B, M (All Positions) - Coming by Sept. 22nd
T, D, N (All Positions) - Coming by Sept. 29th
F & V (All Positions) - Coming by Oct. 7th
K & G (All Positions) - Coming by Oct. 7th
Prevocalic & Vocalic R & R Blends - Coming by Oct. 14th
S (All Positions) & S Blends (Initial) - Coming by Oct. 21st
L (All Positions) & L Blends (Initial Position) - Coming by Oct. 21st
CH, SH, TH (All Positions) - Coming by Oct. 28th

To Use: 
First, you will have to download this file and then extract all files. Once all files are extracted, send the PDF to your email. When on your ipad or iphone, open your email and click download. 'Open in' will pop up. Click 'Open in Acrobat Reader' if you have the Reader app downloaded. Make sure to 'view' in full screen mode. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, you can open it in iBooks (preloaded on all ipads and iphones).

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