Wednesday, December 26, 2018

FREE MATH LESSON - “STAAR Math 5th Grade Math Battle Game”

by SchoolBoxTreasures
4th - 6th Grade

This is a card gamer to help review for that last stretch before the STAAR Test approaches! This is for 5th grade Math STAAR. It does utilize the questions from previous tests that work with the NEW TEKS or the latest release of example questions for the new TEKS. Even if you have used these tests as review or benchmark testing, the students will still have a great review and support in those so important skills. 

How to Play:
Students will be in groups of 2: There are 58 question cards plus blanks to have your own questions or have students make questions up to 64 cards total. 

Students will draw a card and answer the question with strategies on their personal whiteboard. If neither got it right then no points are awarded and they need to have the teacher or a class tutor student coach them on that skill. If one students gets it right they get to color in two boxes on their game board score side. If both students get it right then they each color in one box. First to color in all of their boxes wins!

I suggest laminating the scoreboards so that they can use expo and can be reused!

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Although this is based on the 5th grade testing, it could be used as enrichment for 4th grade and resource for lower 6th grade students!

And of course you can use any other cards you have on hand for review! (or cut out old ones from those millions of unit tests and release tests I know you have given lol)

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