Wednesday, May 3, 2017

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Agree or Disagree? {OPINION mini-signs for class discussions}”

by Stacey Lloyd
4th - 12th Grade

Want a fun way to start discussions and get students thinking and engaging in your class? 

I keep these mini placard-type sicks in a pot in my classroom and hand out to students whenever I want to facilitate a class discussion.

Ideas for use:
- At any point during a novel unit, to generate opinions on themes, plot or characters. 
- At the start of an opinion-writing piece to generate ideas and thoughts. 
- As an impromptu conversation/speaking lesson. 
- Before analysing a poem, in response to statements related to the poem. 
- Many other opportunities! 

All you need are these, some sticks, glue and some controversial or debatable statements to get students engaging and sharing their opinions! 

Why I really love using these:
Often in class, if I ask a question, it is often the same few students who really engage with the topic and give their opinions. When I use these, every single student has to have an opinion and then reveal it and be able to defend it! Plus, it means that instantly we can all look around the classroom and get an immediate sense of the general consensus!

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