Thursday, May 25, 2017

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Final Stable Syllable Center Game”

by Shelli and Brittany
1st - 4th Grade

Final Stable Syllables (FSS)! My kids have trouble remembering that these syllables ALWAYS make the same sound. To help them practice, we created a game that can be played as a small group or in a center. The point of this game is for kids to practice saying the sounds of the different FSS. This game includes 7 jungle themed game boards. These boards include FSS ble, tle, dle, ple, fle, gle, tion, and ture. The rules for this game are included. I plan to laminate these boards and let the kids use a dry-erase crayon or marker to mark the words off with. It may be helpful to have them code their boards are soon as they get them. I tell them the vowels are VERY scared of brackets. If a vowel is next to a bracket, it will almost always scream its name. This may help them pronounce the words correctly. One of the rules is that if they mispronounce a word, they lose their turn. This way they are careful to say the word correctly and the other players will be paying attention to make sure they do! We also sell a vowel digraph game, Combination Cross-out, and Consonant Connect if you are looking for more center games. These games are great for differentiation. The game cards range in difficulty. They could be used for a number of different ability levels. Thank you!!!!

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