Monday, January 1, 2018

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “ESL Language Lab Powerpoint - have, family and colors”

by Ms Joanne
Kindergarten - 6th Grade

This is an oral practice powerpoint for ESL students who have no or very little English. The Powerpoint uses visuals and repetition to allow students to independently practice making simple sentences about their family and everyday items using colors and the verbs "have" and "is". 

The Powerpoint is set up for easy independent practice. Students click to listen to a sentence which is presented word by word in an illustrated slide. Students then repeat the sentence. They can listen and repeat as many times as they like. 

Also included are 2 worksheets for follow-up practice and consolidation of language presented and practiced in the Powerpoints. 

A follow-up Powerpoint you may be interested in: 
Family, colors, "have" and "like" The first part of this Powerpoint is a copy of this file. The second part uses the same visuals but adds 1-2 sentences per slide. This file also includes 2 additional worksheets and an illustrated word wall of 30 adjectives and common everyday words. 

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OR get both weekend plans Powerpooints for a reduced price Weekend Plans: Past and Future Tenses 

OR get all the above in one file Oral Language Practice for Beginning ESL Elementary Students

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