Friday, December 23, 2016


by The Primary Techie
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

I love Phonics Jokes so much, I want you to try it for FREE! Follow me for a free phonics joke each month!

Kids LOVE jokes! Let them work on decoding skills while learning some new ones. WAY MORE FUN THAN A WORKSHEET!!! Students can use ANY paper (scrap paper, the back of a worksheet, lined, whatever is on-hand!). My students keep a "Joke Journal" in their desks. We do two videos a day after recess. It is a great way for them to settle down and refocus. 

As they work, they are sounding out the words on the board, sounding out what they have written, predicting what will come next, increasing vocabulary, becoming more familiar with sight words, and practicing handwriting. This is one of the BEST reading activities I have used. You can literally see the connections they are making as they do these. The best part - they are having so much fun, they have no idea it is good for them! 

Each video begins with a question. Pictures are displayed with words below them. One letter is missing from each word. Students work on beginning, middle, and ending sounds as they write the missing letter on their paper. When a space is needed, they are told to put a finger space. At the end, they have written the punch line. The answer is displayed so students can check their work. There is NOTHING to prep with this activity. Just push play! Kids Love jokes! Teachers LOVE reading! Everybody LOVES this activity! 

I keep Phonics Jokes pinned to my desktop for anytime we finish early and I have a few minutes to spare. This joke is NOT one of the jokes sold in any of the other Phonics Joke Packs. 

Don't forget to follow me for a new free joke each month!

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