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FREE MATH LESSON - “3rd Grade Math Games | Hands-On Math Learning for Workshop and Centers | Freebie”

by Core Inspiration by Laura Santos
3rd - 5th Grade

The 3 Math in Motion Games included in this sample will give you an opportunity to try Math In Motion in your third grade classroom or take a closer look at the format and rigor of this game collection before making a purchase decision.

Games Included:
★ Round 'Em Up: A rounding game designed to help students master rounding to the nearest 10, 100, or 1,000.
★ Equivalent Pursuit: A fractions game designed to help students identify simple equivalent fractions. 
★ All In Order: A multiplication game designed to boost fact mastery and students' ability to compare numbers. 


★ Math In Motion Games are designed to boost engagement, and make math fun through friendly competition. 
★ Each game uses simple manipulatives including playing cards, counters, dominoes, dice, and timers.
★ A few games have quick print-and-laminate game pieces that can be reused year after year. 
★ Many games include movement, and are perfect for your active learners. 
★ Both full-color and black-line masters are provided for your printing preferences. 
★ Bright, easy-to-read game cards boost engagement, and make introducing new games exciting for your students. 


The format of each game card optimizes student independence with a consistent easy-to-read format that gives them every detail they need to play successfully. Each game cards includes:

★ Number of players
★ Objective (a standards-based goal for each game, along with ideas for making the game more challenging) 
★ Materials list (everything your students need to gather before playing)
★ Set-up instructions (how to arrange the playing space and how to determine who gets the first turn)
★ How to play (student-friendly instructions for playing and winning)


No matter how you organize your math block, this resource makes it a breeze to incorporate hands-on math practice in your third grade classroom. Use these games for:

★ Hands-on rotation during math workshop
★ Partner work /math with someone 
★ Low-prep station for aides and parent volunteers 
★ Math centers
★ Alternative assessment tool

These games are also the perfect intervention/remediation tool for fourth and fifth graders who need extra practice to master third grade math skills. 


If you are interested in bringing the entire Math In Motion collection into your classroom, you have the option to purchase games for specific math topics and grade levels, or to bundle them for a discounted price.

Second Grade Addition Games
★ To Regroup or Not To Regroup (recognize when regrouping is needed)
★ 10's Are The Ticket (identify addends that add up to multiples of 10)
★ Addition War (create and solve multi-digit addition problems with the greatest possible sum)
★ Pushing 100 (create and solve multi-digit addition problems with a sum closest to 100)
★ Add N' Roll (fluently solve single-digit addition problems/master addition facts)
★ Sum It Up (use mental math skills when adding multiple one-digit numbers)
★ Snap Plus (use mental math skills to add two single-digit numbers)
★ Making 10s Magic (strengthen ability to "make 10")
★ Even Equations (improve math fact fluency and identify odd and even numbers)

Second Grade Array & Multiplication Games
★ Array-Zing Race (build arrays and write accurate repeated addition sentences to match)
★ Array Architect (build arrays of different sizes)
★ Circles and Stars (write repeated addition sentences that describe a set of objects)
★ Arrays On Display (focus on rows and columns while creating arrays)
★ Repeated Addition War (write accurate repeated addition sentences with the greatest sum)
★ Mystery Array (write accurate repeated addition sentences and create arrays to match)

Second Grade Measurement Games
★ Mystery Measure (measure precisely and describe measurements)
★ Find That Unit (create strong mental references of the length)
★ Estimation Concentration (estimate the length/height of an object)
★ Skip Count Scurry: 12s (fluently count by 12s to quickly measure long distances in inches)
★ Skip Count Scurry: 30s (fluently count by 30s to quickly measure long distances in cm.)
★ X Marks the Spot (accurately "measure on" from where your measuring tool ends)
★ Race To One Yard (understand that 12 inches = 1 foot and 3 feet = 1 yard)
★ Make A Meter (understand that 10 cm = 1 decimeter and 1 decimeter = 1 meter)
★ What's The Difference (determine how much longer one object is than another)

Second Grade Place Value Games
★ Place Value Mystery (understanding the value of each digit in multi-digit numbers)
★ Dare To Compare (comparing numbers)
★ Line 'Em Up (ordering numbers)
★ Place Value Memory (identifying odd and even numbers)
★ Speed Sort (identifying odd and even numbers)
★ Race To 100 & 1,000 (creating place value models)
★ Place Value War (comparing multi-digit numbers)
★ Guess My Number (writing and reading numbers between 0-100)
★ Skip Count Spin (counting by 5s, 10s, and 100s fluently)

Second Grade Subtraction Math In Motion Games
★ Speedy Subtraction (use mental math to subtract single-digit numbers)
★ Subtraction War (create and solve multi-digit subtraction problems)
★ Race To Zero (strengthen multi-digit and single-digit subtraction fluency)
★ Snap Minus (use mental math to subtract two numbers)
★ Odd Spot (improve subtraction fact fluency)
★ Flashlight Facts (improve subtraction fact fluency)
★ Subtraction Salute (use mental math to solve subtraction problems)
★ Subtraction I Spy (use mental math to "spy" a pair of cards with a specific difference)
★ Ten In A Row (improve subtraction fact fluency)

Third Grade Addition & Subtraction Games
★ To Regroup or Not To Regroup (recognize when regrouping is needed)
★ Add N' Roll (add multi digit numbers with regrouping)
★ Pushing 1,000 (create an addition problem with a sum closest to 1,000)
★ Addition War (create an addition problem with the greatest possible sum)
★ Subtraction War (create a subtraction problem with the lowest possible difference)
★ Race To Zero (master subtraction with regrouping)

Third Grade Area and Perimeter Games
★ Area Master (identify the area of rectangles)
★ Perimeter Master (identify the perimeter of rectangles)
★ Perimeter Possibilities (create models to show shapes with the same area can have different perimeters)
★ Perimeter Puzzle (measure the perimeter of polygons using a ruler)
★ Area Dash (create multiple polygons with the same area)
★ What's The Diffy? (create a rectangle with the least possible difference between the area and perimeter)

Third Grade Fraction Games
★ Fraction Frenzy (identify equivalent fractions)
★ Fraction Fate (model and compare fractions)
★ Fraction War (compare fractions with the same denominator) 
★ Who's In The Middle (compare fractions with the same numerator)
★ Equivalent Pursuit (identify simple equivalent fractions)
★ Number Line Dash (model fractions on a number line)

Third Grade Geometry Games
★ Geometry Frenzy (master the characteristics of polygons)
★ Polygon Speed Sort (sort polygons according to characteristics)
★ Polygon Puzzler (use characteristic clues to identify polygons)

Third Grade Multiplication & Division Games
★ Multiplication War (multiplication fact mastery and speed)
★ All In Order (multiplication fact mastery, comparing numbers)
★ First to 50 (multiplication fact mastery, identification of odd and even numbers)
★ Fact Family Dash (multiplication and division fact family mastery)
★ Inverse Operation Station (using multiplication and division as inverse operations)
★ Divide and Conquer (division fact fluency)

Third Grade Rounding Games
★ Roll and Round (round numbers to the 10s, 100s, 1,000s, and 10,000s)
★ Rapid Rounder (round numbers to the nearest 100)
★ Rounding War (round numbers to the nearest 10, 100, or 1,000)
★ Round 'Em Up (round numbers to the nearest 10, 100, or 1,000)
★ Speed Round (round numbers to the nearest 1,000)
★ Rounding Sort (round numbers to the nearest 10)

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