Wednesday, July 18, 2018

FREE MATH LESSON - “August Calendar Math FREEBIE - For use with SmartBoard ONLY”

by Mrs Magee
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

***Want to know if this calendar math bundle is for you? Please read Which Calendar Math is right for you? to learn about the differences between my SmartBoard calendars and my PowerPoint calendars as well as free samples of each!***


**The yearly dates are editable. Directions are included. There is no need to re-download or purchase this again yearly. 

I do calendar math every morning on my SmartBoard. I cover many skills in a short amount of time daily. Students need repetition and this is an engaging way to review important skills. Here is a list of what is included:

1. Morning Message - I added a slide with handwriting lines at the beginning of my calendar math so I can add a morning message to my students.

2. August Song - This slide includes a fun August song that teaches students to spell "August." I can't remember where I found the songs to spell the months of the year. I think they are floating around the Internet in many places.

3. August Calendar - Students add the number for the date daily.

4. Days in School - We keep track of how many days we have been in school. Students tap on the gray boxes in order and the number is revealed.

5. Building Numbers - We tap the up arrow until we get to the number that represents how many days we've been in school. Then students build that number using place value blocks. We also decide if the number is even or odd.

6. Pattern of the Day - Students tap the dice and it tells them what sort of pattern to make (AB, ABC, etc.). They use the images to make a pattern.

7. Odd and Even songs (again, not sure where these originally came from)

8. Odd and Even chants and blocks - students add a block each day so they can see how even numbers have a partner and odd ones do not.

9. Telling time - students write the digital and analog times they are told. We start off with time to the hour, then half hour, and later we go over elapsed time.

10. Weather graph - we tap a gray box to mark our weather for the day.

11. Skip Counting - Students roll the dice. It tells us how to count (by 2's, 5's, 10's) and we tap the numbers on the hundreds chart as we count.

12. Comparing Numbers - Students tap random number generators. They decide if the number is greater than, less than, or equal to the other number and choose the correct symbol and circle the correct phrase. If you tap the alligator, you might get a surprise! :)

13. Fact Families - I give the students 3 numbers and they write the addition and subtraction sentences for the fact family.

14. Add it Up - Students roll the two dice and add the numbers together.

15. Money - We use the number of how many days we've been in school and create that number using coins. We write the money amount with a cent symbol and a dollar sign.

16. Money Poems - Students tap beside a coin and the money poem appears.
17. Quarter Song - We practice counting by 25's by singing this song.

18. Super Problem - I write a "big" math problem for the students. We add numbers in the hundreds, thousands, even millions! We talk about how to add one column at a time.

19. Expanded Form - Students tap the random number generator and the arrow. It gives us a number in standard form. We write it in expanded form. 

20. Birthday Graph - Each student adds a present to their birth month on their birthday.

21. Tooth Graph - Students add a tooth when they lose one to the correct month.

That's a lot of things to cover! I do not start the year doing every page but have included everything so you could try it for yourself. I typically introduce a new skill a few weeks before I actually teach it during math time. It takes me about 30 minutes to do calendar math every morning. The students LOVE this time of day!

For more information about this item, read my blog post about it! 

Please note that this calendar math was created in SmartNotebook software for use with a SmartBoard. SmartBoards are created by Smart Technologies and all SmartBoard files are not compatible with all types of interactive whiteboards. I cannot create this for other types of interative white boards or for use with PowerPoint. 

I am not able to edit and re-upload these files every year. The only page that mentions specific dates is the "What's the Date?" page where it includes the year (ex. 2014).

You have two options:

1. Delete the years and make your students write the year like they do the number for the date. When choosing this option you might want to delete the years that are on your file. To do this:

* Right click on the year
* Click "Infinite Cloner"
* Select the text box by clicking it
* Press "delete" on your keyboard or right click on the date and select 'delete.'


2. Change the dates yourself. It's really quite simple- honestly!

To change the years:

* Right click on date
* Click Infinite Cloner to deselect this
* Click inside text box to edit text
* Once you type in the date you want, click outside the text box to deselect it
* Right click on text box
* Select Infinite Cloner

These calendar files and the bundle are a lot of work for me to edit and update and upload every year (on various sites, not just TPT) so I simply do not have time to do this. Every teacher needs to be familiar with using technology though, so I hope these simple directions can help you make easy edits to the file yourself!

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