Tuesday, September 3, 2019

FREE MISC. LESSON - “German Authors Jigsaw Puzzles (Great End And Start of School Year Activities}”

6th - 12th Grade

GERMAN AUTHORS JIGSAW PUZZLES is a set of three cut-out jig-saw puzzles for helping students learn famous German authors. Select the DOWNLOAD PREVIEW to see a sample.

What you do after a purchase is scroll down to see the puzzles, then once there print a copy of one then cut its parts out along the lines. Reassemble the parts by gluing or pasting the pieces onto a different sheet of paper. It’s that simple. Repeat whenever you want to use the other two cut-out jigsaw puzzles, too.

The students are actively engaged in manipulating the material in a fun way, so there's more of an attention span with learning.


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REASONS TO PURCHASE HERE 1. plenty of material priced fair, 2. It’s reusable over the years, 3. buying it is more convenient than trying to make it all yourself, 4. students enjoy the fun parts making the work more fun too, 5. most word searches have a format helping teach information with the words, 6. the package is complete with reading components, tests with keys, other handy and helpful material at a more than fair price, 7. it looks attractive and is professional, 8. Many of my items include some Spanish to help ESL/ELL students not be totally lef out; 9. you’ll love it that your students stay busy learning like happy bees at the honey hive of knowledge, your classroom, even as they have in mine.

Note also: Many of my products mention and support educational standards such as used in various states, districts and also the Common Core State Standards written and developed by the National Governors’ Association Center for Best Practices and Council of Chief State School Officers © Copyright 2010. The afore-mentioned do not endorse, sanction or approve this publication or any other publication/s by this author/publisher. Any use of “aligned with,” “aligned to” or the like simply mean in the supportive spirit of and again do not to state or imply an endorsement. 

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J. Mason Emerson

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